Bunnpakningsett 4.236

Bunnpakningsett 4.236
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Perkins 4.236 & 4.236M, 4.248 & M90 bottom gasket and seals set. A very comprehensive set of quality gaskets and seals for the bottom end of your engine. The set includes..... •diesel lift pump gaskets (2 bolt and 4 bolt versions) •oil filter head gasket (two options) •sump gasket (two options to cover marine, industrial and agricultural versions) and rubber seals •timing cover inner and outer gaskets •rear oil seal carrier gasket (early and later versions) •crankshaft front oil seal (a quality double lip seal) •crankshaft rear rope seal (early versions) or double lip seal (later versions) •injector pump gasket •oil pipe gaskets •water pump and water pump carrier gaskets •raw water pump gasket for marine versions •Large selection of other gaskets and seals for the various engine options including marine pipework •Our own data sheet with details of torque settings and rope seal fitting We strive to offer the most comprehensive bottom gasket sets available. This s...