Motoroverhalingskit Perkins 4.236

Motoroverhalingskit Perkins 4.236
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  • Motoroverhalingskit Perkins 4.236
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This overhaul kit includes the following parts: •Cylinder liners x 4 - (slip fit and honed finish) •Pistons x 4 •Gudgeon pins x 4 •Gudgeon pin circlips x 8 •Piston ring sets x 4 •Small end bushes x 4 •camshaft bush x 1 •Con rod bearing set (4 pairs) •Main bearing set (5 pairs) •Thrust washer set •Conrod bolts and nuts x 8 •Top gasket set - includes valve seals and injector copper washers •Cylinder head gasket - top quality and lined with silicon water jacket sealant •Bottom gasket set - very comprehensive set including gaskets for both types of sump pan options •Front and rear oil seals - early and later options of rope and lip seal are included